Music | A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack


Music for Film and Media (MFM) focuses on the techniques, theories, and discourses surrounding the use of music and sound in
film and game media. While ostensibly grounded in historical analysis, the emphasis of the unit is on composition. Students will
be required to create their own compositions for film scenes and games, drawing on knowledge derived from film theory,
music/sound theory and cultural theory, to critically engage with how music/sound relates to and interacts with the visual praxis
of film, or the interactive praxis of games.
There are three assignments (no exams): a film score composition, an essay on film music/sound, and a game score composition.
Weighting: 35%
Due date: Monday 25 April 2016, 5pm
Choose one of the following:
1. In collaboration with the ECU Bachelor of Creative Industries unit “FAV2101: Introduction to Video Production,” they will
be creating approximately seven short scenes, 2 to 4 minutes in length, that will require a film score. Compose a score for
these scenes, and a 250-word synopsis of the reasoning for your compositional and aesthetic choices. You must use an
advanced DAW like Logic or Pro Tools with appropriate use of sample libraries if you are writing an “acoustic” score (do
not use Sibelius MIDI sounds!). These scenes will be due back to the ECU class by Thursday 21 April at the very latest
(during mid-semester break), and the scenes will be shown at an ECU event the following day. As there are more students
than scenes available from the ECU students, students will likely have to overlap and score the same film.
2. Choose a scene from a feature film that is no longer than 5 minutes and has no music, and compose a score for this scene.
Write a 500-word synopsis of the reasoning for your compositional and aesthetic choices, and why you felt that having a
score for this scene accompaniment enhances the scene’s impact.
Composition students: submit your film score composition with your viva voce as well.
Weighting: 35%
Due date: Monday 9 May 2016, 5pm
Use one of the following statements as a basis for your essay:
1. Write a 1500-word critical analysis of a film score or a film’s sound design of your choice, and how it engages with the
film’s concepts and narrative. You may focus on one scene or provide a broad analysis of the whole film. It is
recommended that you use one of the “list of films discussed” films. Use interviews with the composer/sound
designer/director, reviews and academic publications to create an informed critique of the effectiveness of the
score/sound design.
2. Choose a prominent film director and write a 1500-word analysis of how that director uniquely uses music and/or sound
to achieve their conceptual/diegetic vision. Limit the number of films discussed to 2–4. It is recommended that you use
one of the directors of the “list of films discussed” films.


A Clockwork Orange is a 1971 file that was produced by Stanley Kubrick as an adaptation of a novel by the same name (Nelson, 2000). The soundtrack for this score was composed by Wendy Carlos, also known as Walter Carlos, who is famed for other works like the Switched-On Bach album that as an adaptation of different classical composer’s work. The music score engages well with the film’s concept and narrative because is a thematic extension of Alex’s psychological conditioning.