Multi Country Paper on Healthcare Systems


Compare healthcare systems in England, France, and Spain. Include charts that illustrate the differences among the countries.
Use the UN website, World Bank and Transparency international as well as website from the country itself.

The paper will research their current healthcare system in England, France and Spain. It will describes whether is universal "free" healthcare or private. It should analyze performance in each of these countries. Is the system working for who is intended for? The pros and cons of each healthcare system in each country.


Possible subtopics in no particular order.

Preventative Care

Access to Healthcare


Urgent Care

Administrative structure of Hospitals

Insurance plans system

Universal care.

Provider Education and Compensation

Major Diseases and how are they managed.

Corruption in healthcare


Look at website like the


World Health Organization

Inspector General for each country

and others


In any country, the health care system is one of the most important social institutions.  A healthy country needs a working health care system that guarantees the citizens accessible, affordable, and quality health care services. Healthcare system comprises of different but related sub-systems that complete each other. It   is the organization that including people, institutions, and resources that are geared towards delivering health care services in order to meet the needs of the population. According to World Health Organizations, the main goal of the health care system is to achieve good health that is responding to the expectations of the population and ensure fair financial contributions.  To achieve this goal, there are four vital functions of a healthcare system including providing healthcare services, resource generation, financing, and stewardship.   In addition, a healthcare system must ensure continuity of health care.  Therefore, a healthcare system comprises of people, organization, and actions that are primarily intended to promote, restore, or to maintain health. Health care systems differ from one country to the other.   Different health care systems are defined by different organizational structures and funding.  While in some health care systems the government plays the major role, in others the private sector plays the major role. Regardless of the type of health care system pursued by a country, the yardstick is always the ability of the healthcare system to respond to the needs of the population.