Write a maximum of 500 words. Must be about Canadian Aboriginals. Must include a Works Cited or Bibliography. Make sure every source is cited and that there is absolutely no plagiarism.

– Must use the book called In The Way Of Development by Mario Blaser. The book can be found online at this web url: [ the way of development blaser&pg=PA20#v=onepage&q&f=false]

Mission: According to Mario Blaser, modernity is promoted by "development" and is "disembedded" from place to what effect? How does this strategy affect indigenous communities?


Modernity and civilization among the human society has been rapidly taking its course in the past two centuries. Based on the rapid evolution of globalization and advancement of technology, high levels of interaction among the global communities have been witnessed. This has had significant influence in the way people undertake their day to day activities. Indigenous people have been widely affected by the issue of globalization and human civilization in the sense that they are put under pressure change their manner of development.