Miranda given to a terrorist


I gave a debate and want the paper written to include my outline. Must Have at less 7 academic sources, 1200 words, in the third person language with the proper internal citations, title page thesis/outline page, MLA format and a cited page


The threat from terrorism is now more than it has ever been. Most Americans, with vivid memory of September 11 bombings, are wary of their security.  The Department Of Defense defines terrorism as any calculated use of unlawful violence or threat to inculcate fear, coerce, or intimidate government and individual citizens in pursuit of political, religious, or ideological goals (Terrorism research). The question of rights of suspected terrorists in the criminal justice system, in light of the above definition, has become contentious with more arguments supporting waiving of Miranda rights for suspected terrorist to make it effective to interrogate them. Considering that Miranda rights are aimed at giving suspects protection against aggressive interrogation by the authority, this right needs to be waived for suspected terrorists to make it possible to use any interrogation method possible to get intelligent information. Government should consider waiving Miranda rights for suspected terrorists to enable interrogators to get more intelligent information