I need a 5 paragraph intro and the lit review. anything relative to mining as the topic. Ex: Social approaches to mitigating commodity cycle risk

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The problems in the mining industries are many ranging from poor waste management practices, greenhouse gases emissions, energy efficiency and reduced corporate social responsibility practices that continue to put the corporations in the spotlight. However, through a clearly researched approach and calculated strategy by the mining sector, the problems have begun to be tackled in accordance with 21st century international requirements. Therefore, throughout this research paper, the issue of pollution in the mining sector is one of the prevalent topics that continue to affect the industry and the measures that are used to ensure that there is compliance are also some of the talked issues in the world. Using a general research approach of qualitative deduction of ideas that have been researched before the solutions and procedures that are represented by various scholars can be used to ensure that there are solutions that can solve those problems. The problems in the mining sector have festered due to complacency by the government and lobbyists in creating laws and policies that are supposed to ensure lawful practices are carried out.