Mini Case Analysis | Class Participation: Q1. A brief description of the main ideas covered by the article, Q2. Points of agreement/disagreement with the article- a critique, Q3. Key learning/take-outs from the reading, Q4. Implications for marketing strategy and the achievement of competitive advantage -supported by at least 3 academic journal articles


Due: Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 6 (See Class Schedule)
Weighting: 30% – submission of 4 articles – each 1000 words via Turnitin. Each article
is of equal value (i.e. 7.5% each)
In each tutorial there will be a number of articles uploaded to iLearn. Each
student is to pick two of the articles and write a 1000 word analysis of each
article to be submitted before class throughTurnitin.
Your tutor will randomly select students to discuss their articles in class. The
following questions must be addressed in each article:
1. Question 1: A brief description of the main ideas covered by the
2. Question 2: Points of agreement/disagreement with the article- a critique
3. Question 3: Key learning/take-outs from the reading
4. Question 4: Implications for marketing strategy and the
achievement of competitive advantage -supported by at least 3
academic journal articles
Please follow Online Submission guidelines through Turnitin: Macquarie University Student
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You must keep a copy of your assignment in the event that the original is misplaced.

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Marking Criteria
Presentation of article: Word, 12 point Times Roman, single spacing with 2.5
cm margins. Must have Coverpage with your details (not included in word
Structure your answers using headings and sub-headings if necessary to make it clear that you have used an
analytical approach to reach your answers. The grader will be treating (apparently) random lists of issues with
1. No extensions will be granted for each of class participation
assessments. Late tasks will be acceptedup to 72 hours after the
submission deadline. There will be a deduction of 20% of thetotal available
marks made from the total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part
thereof that the submission is late (for example, 25 hours late in submission
– 40% penalty). This penalty does not apply for cases in which an
application for disruption tostudies is made and approved.
2. Similarity scores from Turnitin will be reviewed and marks deducted for plagiarism.
This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
• Understand the firm’s relation to its business environment of
customers, competitors,collaborators, and other external forces
• Assess marketing strategies from the standpoint of growth,
market share, andprofitability; and within the context of the
market environment;
• Critically examining problem areas, developing feasible marketing
investment decisionoptions, developing key recommendations, and
communicating this strategic thinking tooters.


The article gives an analysis of how branding is important to a company in attracting new employees and enhancing their public image. The article emphasizes on the need for companies to be present online as majority of people go to the internet to search for information about a company before they can transact any business with it or apply for a job. It is the aim of every employer to be branded as the employer of choice and as such it can only happen if the employer is able to maintain their brand in a positive manner. The paper gives an example of Apple which is regarded as the most sought after employer in the world, arguing that it is not the benefits that they offer to their employees that make the company to be regarded highly but how they maintain their brand in the world and their presence in the internet.