introduction of the milk

*What is calcium?
*Why is calcium important in milk?
*why is calcium on the milk nutrition label?
*the amount of % daily value of calcium


Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals on earth with nutritional value.  It is a chemical element that is present in different compounds and it is also an important component in many living organisms.  This makes calcium among the most important nutritional minerals. The role this mineral in the body cannot be substituted. It plays different roles some which are vital for survival. Calcium is the chief element making bones that support the body frame. This means that without calcium, bones would be demineralized and collapse under the weight of the body. In the body, calcium is the fifth most abundant element in the body because of its important role in bone making. Apart from making bones, calcium is also an important cellular Ionic messenger which means it helps in relying nerve messages (Tordoff 1570). Calcium also serves functions in different hormones. The main function of calcium is to make strong bones and teeth, regulate muscle contraction, and facilitate blood clotting.