military training can suit civilian jobs


Read the article and present the main points .


This article proves that there are important leadership skills that are gained through military training that have become important in the civilian job market. Through examples of veterans who have transited into civil jobs, Bennet shows how leadership skills gained in military training are valuable in civilian jobs. During military training, leadership is emphasized especially for those who assume some form of military leadership. The main highlight of this article is on the great talent pool in the military that can be used in civilian jobs.

This article makes a link between leadership talents in the military and how they can be utilized in the civilian business world.  The United States makes a huge investment in leadership and skills during military training.  This means that military men posses not only leadership skills but also experience from execution of military duties that are more demanding than businesses.  Businesses have started recognizing these special attributes in military men and this article shows that more businesses are hiring veterans. A research carried out in January 2012 shows that 64% of employers were hiring veterans compared to 53% in 2010. In recognition of these special attributes that have translated into success in business, there are new efforts to get more veterans involved in the job market.