Military and civil service


about military service and civil service. Why we need it why we shouldnt , and how it helps us or doesnt. economy wise or idk

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Military and civil service are essential components of running the government because they ensure that there are certain jobs within the federal ranks are ought to be undertaken by particular people. Due to that reason, there are discrimination cases when it comes to joining the military or the civil service as long as a person fulfills the required criteria. Civil service involves the employment of bureaucrats or technocrats who are appointed and sometimes they are fully employed in different government agencies or departments. For the military services, the servicemen and women are either employed in the army, navy or the air force departments of the defense forces (Ferraro & Wilmoth, 2013). Both the military and the civil service people are not subjective the political changes that occur in the administration changes of the country as they often transit from one change to the other. However, there are some civil servants who are political appointees, and due to that reason they sometimes lose their jobs when a new administration takes office. In the military, the case is different because a person serves up to the time they may resign, run out of contract or reach the retirement age.