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LML5001 – Subject D: Applied Australian Migration Law and Practice
Assessment Task 5 – Semester 2, 2015
Letter of Opinion
1. Students must answer all questions as indicated. Make certain answers are clearly labelled.
2. Make certain that you enter your NAME and STUDENT NUMBER on each page. Insert them
into the header or footer for ease. You must include a coversheet with your answers. This is
available from the online centre. Save this page on to your computer and insert it as the first
page of your assessment.
3. This assignment comprises 20% of the assessment in this unit.
4. Your answers must be typed on one side of the paper, double-spaced and with a wide margin.
Students should note that English expression; grammar and spelling are taken into account in
assessment of their answers.
5. SUBMISSION OF ASSESSMENT: Students are required, within 24 hours of completion of the
interview, to provide a file note and a written opinion to the client. It is the responsibility of the
student to ensure that the date for receipt is complied with. It is intended that all assessment be
lodged electronically. This will automatically generate a receipt.
6. WORD LIMIT: Word limits are indicated for certain questions and should be adhered to with
each answer.
7. All answers should be supported by reference to the relevant legislation provisions of the
Migration Act and Regulations.
8. A candidate whose answer to any question depends upon facts which are not stated, must
discuss all relevant alternatives.
9. REFERENCING: Students are required to use the Australian Guide to Legal Citation as the
preferred method of referencing.

Assessment Criteria:
Content 20%
1. Accurately applies the relevant law, policy and/or ethics to the facts provided.
2. Accurately identifies and applies relevant timeframes.
Understanding 20%
3. Demonstrates understanding of relevant visa subclasses
4. Demonstrates understanding of principles, ethics and values of a professional
migration agent.
Expression 60 %
5. Displays professional presentation in the layout, grammar and spelling.
6. Presents clarity and concision in business writing.
7. Demonstrates appropriate communication and interpersonal strategies.

Graduate Certificate in Australian
Migration Law & Practice

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Following your telephone interview, the client decides to engage your services and has
asked you to provide them with written advice with regard to their matter. Provide a
letter of opinion to the client in terms of the merits of their case in a clear concise manner
outlining the relevant issues in their matter and requesting further information if it is
You are also reminded that you must rely upon the interview that you held with the client
as part of task 3. Remember each interview will be different.
You are reminded this is a letter to a client therefore an academic response to the facts is
not appropriate. You must supply a professional business document. However, do not
spend any time on creating a letterhead or other graphics. There will be no marks
provided for such visual effects at all. Read the assessment criteria carefully.


Change in the market is inevitable. The market keeps on changing in response to different factors that drive the market, both internal and external factors.  Market regulations exist to ensure that there is a guiding framework that regulates how the market responds to these changes. The Australian beer market is experiencing radical changes in the recent past. The market has witnessed decreased growth of the premium beer segment and a growing demand for craft beer.  This study will therefore review the changes in the Australian beer market in light of the existing market regulation and economic theories to see how the players are responding and make recommendations that should be observed.