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Graduate Certificate in Australian
Migration Law & Practice
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LML5001 – Subject D: Applied Australian Migration Law and Practice
– Task 3 – Telephone Interview – Semester 2, 2015
1. This assignment comprises 20% of the assessment in this unit.
Students are required to make an appointment with their instructor/assessor for a ‘mock’ telephone interview with a prospective client (No interpreter required). Please book a time to have the interview. Your assessor will ring you and once you confirm your identity they will immediately assume the role of the client. If you are interstate or overseas you will be asked to call back on a certain number at the appointed time. Details will be confirmed.
3. You will conduct an approximately twenty minute long telephone interview with a potential client (your instructor/assessor) at the agreed time. You will be provided with some initial background information and then provided with time to adequately prepare for the interview.
Assessment Criteria
ssessment Criteria
Content/Knowledge (40%)
1. Provides appropriate and accurate advice.
2. Accurate identification and citation of the relevant law policy and ethics to the facts provided.
Expression (60%)
3. Information is clearly and logically presented in a businesslike manner
4. Appropriate communication and interpersonal strategies are demonstrated.
5. Presents and elicits information that supports understanding of the intended audience.
Graduate Certificate in Australian
Migration Law & Practice
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You are a registered migration agent working in a migration firm. You are going to conduct a twenty minute telephone interview with a potential client of the firm (your instructor/ assessor) at an agreed time. The client has made some initial contact with your firm and you have been provided with the following file note:
“Linh Dong, a citizen of Vietnam has contacted the office. He is on a student Class TU Subclass 573 visa; he has received a letter that his visa has been cancelled. He is very stressed. Please contact him urgently, no interpreter is required.”
Before meeting your client, it will be in your interest to do some research on the Migration Regulations and Act, so that you are prepared when you phone your client to ask the necessary questions and be well placed to answer her questions and to advise her. However it is important that you remember it is primarily your communication skills that are being assessed in this part. You must establish a professional relationship with the potential new client and demonstrate an ability to elicit relevant information and facts. If you are unable to answer the questions the client asks then you must respond appropriately. Use an appropriate interview structure: clear opening, listening to the client, information gathering, advising and closing.
(20 marks)


Background: 17 years old, parents are died in Vietnam last year, Linh have uncle and aunt are Australia citizen, she come to Australia study enroll one university but she changed with cooking school, and received cancellation letter from 13th of August, so she can not review AAT already,