MGT/360 Week Five: Learning Team Assignment: EMS Implementation Plan

(This assignment is a complilation of all the team assignments of this class and the final report for week five.)

Learning Team Assignment: EMS Implementation Plan

  • Background: In Week Four your Learning Team gave 3 specific recommendations for improving the non-sustainable practices identified in your Week Three report. In Week Five, you are to write a report providing recommendations for how to implement and monitor your specific recommendations.
  • Summary of Report: You will write a report of no less than 1,050 words and no more than 1,200 words in which you anticipate barriers to implementing your sustainability recommendations, identify how to overcome these barriers, and describe methods to systematically monitor the plan.

Content of Week 5 Report:

First, identify barriers to implementing the three solutions recommended in your Week Four report. Describe what those barriers are and how or why they might occur. Consider financial, social, ethical, technical, and practical aspects of business. (You do not have to consider each of the previously mentioned items for each barrier; you only have to identify those that you think will be most relevant.)

Second, identify specific strategies to avoid or overcome these barriers. Explain necessary steps for doing so.

Third, describe methods and practices to ensure systematic monitoring of new sustainable practices. How are they measured or monitored? What happens if a recommended practice is not working as it was intended?

Cite assigned readings and at least three additional peer-reviewed sources to support your points in APA format.


  • After you have completed writing the report described above, you will compile it with the work of the two previous weeks to submit one final, comprehensive report for your Week 5 team project.
  • In addition to the report listed above Add a one page executive summary and any transitions to make the work of Weeks 3, 4, and 5 into one comprehensive and cohesive report
  • This comprehensive paper should include the following sections:

Cover Sheet

One Page Executive Summary

Week 3 Audit Report (do not include worksheets, only the report portion)

Week 4 EMS Recommendations

Week 5 Implementation Plan

Reference Page for entire document

  • Submit compiled document as your Week 5 Team Assignment


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