methology chapter, Results chapter, Discussion


This is a continuation of the thesis the writer U2731 on order number #19272169. What is required now is the the following part, Research Methodology chapter 1500 words, Results Findings chapter 1500, Discussion chapter 1500. I will upload further information on this as well as the copy of the order #19272169 and a relevant research study as an example.


Any scientific inquiry requires the most appropriate methods to get accurate outcomes. Methodologies or techniques are developed in this study to enable generation of the required information. As noted by Bryman and Bell (2011), research methodology is an integral part of any scientific study as it guides the researcher to follow the due process in conducting the research. Additionally, this section helps the reader to follow the process adopted by the researcher in a study. Therefore, this chapter discusses how the study was conducted and includes subsections such as research design, data collection methods, data analysis methods, sampling design and measurements among others.