Melting the glass ceiling for accountants


As any case analysis but the prof needs to know my own thinking about it and if it there is advantages and disadvantages.


Despite the fact that accounting profession is mainly associated with women, men still serve in it. Most firms and companies require accountants. However, according to the case study of ‘Melting the Glass Ceiling for Accountants’ more than half of the employed accountants are women. Companies wish to have the best accountants regardless of their gender. Additionally, organizations are experiencing a high demand for accountants despite that most of the experienced accountants are retiring (Hymowitz, 2007). This is a show that in the near future if the issue of gender will continue to be considered in employing accountants, organizations or firms will run sort of this important labor force. This case study is important for the Ernst and Young because firms, Ernst and Young included, are supposed to find and keep the best workers. However, the company has realized that the female workers can be attracted and retained through attractive career paths (Noe, 2002). In most cases, female accountants have other responsibilities of taking care of the elder parents and their children. These added responsibilities therefore keep them at a disadvantage edge as compared to their male counterparts. The household responsibilities and duties that are played by women usually make them fail to compete effectively with their male counterparts in applying for accounting jobs.