Media. | Power and Politics


Assessment 3 – Major essay
Length 1000 words
Weighting 40%
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Time /Date/Week 11.55pm / 11 January / Week 12

Discuss the way that various forms of the media are
constructing meaning and representations of this topic in contemporary times. You should
use examples from the current day media landscape and apply the theoretical approaches
used in this unit to your discussion.

Q1. Power and Politics

Evaluative Criteria:
• Accurate use of the core terms
• Clear and coherent argument
• Clear expression and structure
• Effective and accurate use of writing and referencing

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Stories on politics and power are the most covered in media because they attract lots of audience. Politics and power stories and features help the media houses and companies to earn more as most people are interested in knowing what is happening politically in their country and around the world. In this regard, the media is awash with political and power stories that are captivating to the target audience. In most instances political and power stories are given the first priority and are the ones that make the headlines with the aim of drawing traffic to the media channel. This paper looks at how various forms of media construct meaning and represent political and power issues around the world.