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This blog is about discrimination against African Americans characterised by disproportionate gun violence, police brutality and unemployment.  As Croteau and Hoynes (2003) argues, ideology can be used to charge at a person who remains rigid despite having overwhelming evidence contradicting one’s beliefs. In this blog the football team at the University Missouri took time to protest against racist practices in the campus until the president resigned. The author of the blog, Tom Joyner (2015), uses media text to contest “dominant ideology” that has existed over time, that African Americans are inferior and thus should be discriminated and segregated. In what Croteau and Hoynes (2003) describe as “cultural contradictions” many people have arisen to counter this belief thereby changing the worldview of the powerful and majority. As early Marxists argued, we see here the black African Americans doing a social revolution by breaking free from the majority class’s ideology forming their own consciousness that represent their interests.