Media Journal | Globalization


Assessment 2 – Media Journal
Requirement / length Each week – One media item + 200 word analysis
Weeks 2 – 9
Weighting 30%
Submit Online via Turnitin / Moodle
Time / Date/Week Part A: Class time / 10 Aug / Week 8 – Printed copy submitted in class
Part B: 5pm / 31 Aug / Week 11 – Submit complete Media Journal

From weeks 2 – 10 you need to identify one example of a media source (eg. Television /
Government information / Television show etc) and explain how the theoretical
information presented in the weekly lecture and/or core reading can be identified in the
media source.
For example, in week 2, you need to find a television show that is related to Ideology. In
week 3 you need to find information from a Government or Non-Government Organisation
which is related to the theory of Discourse and Power.
Your Media Journal entry should include a link, screenshot or other evidence of the Media
Source, as well as the analysis. All sources should be referenced and may include:
 An official website from a professional organisation (e.g. a government agency, the
United Nations, or any official scholarly site)
 A blog (internet-based)
 A relevant social networking site. (This should not be, for example, Facebook
generally, but a Facebook page or group. You may move beyond Facebook to
Linkedin, FourSquare, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other social networking tool,
but please be discerning).
 A film or television show
 A relevant film from YouTube
 An online or offline newspaper or magazine article
Note: Each of these types of resources needs to be referenced correctly.
Evaluative Criteria:
• Careful selection of media source
• Clear and coherent discussion of media source in relation to theory
• Clear expression and structure
• Effective and accurate use of writing and referencing



ÒWhat is globalisation?

ÒWhat are the forces that have created globalisation?

ÒWhat do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation?