Assessment Title Project Outline and Topic Presentation
Task Description
Please provide an outline of a research project that you intend to use as the basis for your final assessment task
3, full project proposal.
You should briefly write:

Title of the project (up to 25 words)
A brief statement of the problem that you would like to investigate.
Research aim and objectives that can solve the problem you have identified.
A brief methodology: Provide details about what type of methodology you will choose such
as quantitative or qualitative or mixed methodology; what type of study it will be such as
exploratory or descriptive or explanatory; what method(s) of data collection you will use; how
you will source the required data; and what methods and tools you will use to analyse the
collected data.

This is an individual research task. As a Masters student, you are required to engage in research and demonstrate your
understanding of the relevant body of works that have discussed recent developments in a discipline and/or area of
professional practice. You are also required to demonstrate knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to
a real-life business research. We expect you to read and reflect on at least eight recent refereed journal articles on your
topic supported by any other evidence or information that can help identify the problem of your research and the
methods of data collection and analysis.
In addition, as a part of topic presentation, all on-campus students are required to discuss their project topic and ideas
during the tutorial sessions in front of other students. You are also expected to provide constructive feedback on each of
the group members’ project. Distance students will do the same activity in the online discussion forum of the course
Moodle site. Please see detailed guidelines about the project presentation and specific research requirements on the
course Moodle site. You can write 600 words maximum for this assignment. The cover page and the list of references
are not counted in the word limit.
Assessment Due Date Week 5 (10–2016) 05:00 AEST
Return Date to Students Week 7 (31–2016)
Weighting 20%


In the last decade, the world has witnessed exponential growth in the use of social media channels by individuals and businesses alike. Social media can be described as a medium or instrument that allows people and organizations to communicate and interact socially. Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) define social media as use of web based applications to create and exchange user generated contents. There are various forms of social media networks that can be used by individuals and companies to promote a certain agenda.