Media and Culture


Media – Extra assignment
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Write a 400-word summary of Chapter 10 'Media, Ethnicity and Diaspora' in your text book,
Hodkinson, pp. 197-218. To do this, read the chapter carefully and take notes on a separate
document, including only the most important points and concepts. Then write the summary
from your notes, paraphrasing it so it is in your own words. The summary must be in complete
sentences, not in note or bullet-point form. There is no need for any referencing in this


The representation of the minority groups has and continues to be a big concern in the media. The media has been blamed for practicing racial segregation in the representation of the minority groups in the people it employs, the news its casts, and the manner it represents them. Under-representation and stereotyping of minority groups in the media engineered the discussion of racism especially towards the black populations. The Cosby’s and the movie The Stalk were two productions that were produced to counter the under-representation of minority and address stereotyping. Of note, was the discussion that ensued on minority groups and their need to be empowered not because they were a minority but because they represented an important part of the community.