During weeks 3-6 you will write media releases and a media briefing sheet in
the lab workshops. On Monday, week 7, (17 April) you will submit (via
Turnitin) two releases and accompanying media briefing sheet for
assessment. The releases and briefing sheet will be based on material issued
in the workshops. The mark for this assessment is 30%. Further information,
style guides and marking criteria are available on L@G.
Criteria & Marking:
1. Content – newsworthiness, headline, inverted pyramid writing style, use of

2. Presentation – Appropriate format and content for media release,
punctuation, spelling and grammar, attention to detail.

3. Briefing sheet – valid media choice for topic with accurate details,
appropriate interview preparation information, potential questions and advice
to talent.

Each assessment item will be given a mark available via the grade centre.
In small groups, students should base their media conference on a community
organisation based on the Gold
Coast or Brisbane, depending on your campus.  The organisation must be
approved by your tutor). Student groups should identify a reason for staging a
media conference and deliver this conference in an allocated workshop. A
roster for media conferences will be prepared by each tutor. Students will be
required to allocate roles for the media conference and the class will act as
the journalists. Feedback from the journalists will be considered in marking. At the
start of your media conference you should provide your tutor with a 500
word referenced rationale for the conference, a list of individual roles in
preparing and delivering the conference and a media kit, which includes the
application of social media strategies
Criteria & Marking:
1. Media Kit

2. Rationale with justification of the conference – strategic purpose,
newsworthiness and key messages. The rationale must be referenced.

3. Presentation of conference – evidence of teamwork, research and

4. Application of social media strategies.

Two online quizzes will be held during the semester (weeks 5 and 10). The
quizzes will consist of multiple choice questions within a time limit. Each quiz
is worth 5% (total 10%) of your final grade. The quiz is based on lectures,
workshops and the textbook. The quiz will open on the Thursday morning of
weeks 5 and 10 and will close by Midnight on the Friday of those weeks.
The in-class exam will be held during your workshop in Week 12. The exam will
consist of short answer/multiple choice questions and media release writing. It
is worth 30% of your final grade. You will be given further details about the
exam in the lectures and workshops.


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