Maslow’s Holistic – Dynamic Theory


This paper is on Maslow’s Holistic Dynamic Theory… I already have 6 summaries, 2 simple abstracts and 6 sources available to use for the paper; therefore, it shouldn’t be to hard to put it together. I also have the exact directions that note what is needed for the paper.


Personality is an element that varies from one individual to the other. This follows the various learning, growth and development that each and every individual undergoes. On this note, as people grow various personality normally emerge, which analytically have been linked to the various theories and beliefs of famous developer of behavioral theory, Abraham Maslow. In his various work, since 1964, this theorist has been building on the concept of human behaviors. This has been quite significant towards learning, growth as well as development and his theory has been quite significant in various commercial, industrial, medical and social applications. In this paper, there will be discussions of various elements of Maslow towards his holistic-dynamic theory. In this regard, the paper will explain how the theorist links his beliefs and theories to personality. But since theory’s validity highly depend on fundamental assumptions; this paper will explain some of his beliefs towards his holistic theory. This will be done to reflect how the needs hierarchy attributes to various personalities. Therefore the paper will be subtitled into Maslow’s Assumptions on personality; Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs; Maslow’s Needs; categories; Maslow’s beliefs on needs and behaviors; Self-Actualization: personalities and Maslow’s Humanity Concept .