Martin and Malcolm: Comparisons on their Legacy′s


Term paper. Just need you to write about each ones legacy and in your own personal opinion (you can be the judge). Needs to be 7 pages, single spaced. Thanks so much!!

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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr are two of the most famous African American leaders whose legacies are notable in the history of United States as the icons of Civil Rights Age. Malcom X was an activist and an influential leader of the nation of Islam and he urged his followers to defend themselves against white aggression by any means necessary. His practices and beliefs went against those of established Civil Right Movement. On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr. was an activist and a Baptist Minister who led the Civil Rights Movement through various means such as civil disobedience. He was a firm believer in equal justice for all and he believed that one day everyone would be judged by his actions rather than their skin color. King was an ambassador of peace and believed in non-violent means in order to get his message across, regardless of the situation. These two gentlemen believed that individuals should be given equal rights even though they fought for justice in diverse means.