I have attached a word.doc with the paper’s instructions at the top. This is a marketing paper about a virtual organization. In the word.doc I have provided information about the company, but the paper’s directions ask for some fairly generic marketing information that could be answered about any organization. Please try and incorporate the virtual organization into the paper as best you can.


Research is an important part of marketing. It is an integral part that makes up marketing process.  As a general concept, marketing is the process of gathering information in order to learn about a concept that has not been well understood.  In marketing, research is used for different purposes that range from learning about market situations and trends to gather information used in decision making. Research is important to companies especially when the company is operating on a competitive environment because it helps the company to keep current information what is happening in the market. For Kudler Fine Foods, research should be taken as integral part of the market marketing process. Research will be important in helping the company to learn about past and current market conditions especially for new markets in California where the company intends to extend its operations. Research helps in making important decision like the kind of products to introduce, the best and alternative methods of venturing into the market, which marketing strategies to use, pricing of the products, and other important decision that are integral in marketing. Most important, research helps to make important decision on risk taking. As part of business venture, risk taking should be guided by different considerations and these considerations cannot be arrived at with thorough and efficient market research.