Marketing Task | Developing an app


Aligned subject
learning outcomes

 Explain the importance of marketing in a sustainable environment
 Identify the differences between service and product marketing
 Explain business and consumer marketing

Group or individual Individual
Weighting 45%
Due date Due Week 10 23/05/2017 midday 12 pm .
see Special Consideration, Supplementary, Deferred and Special Examinations Policy
Undertake secondary research to produce a Pitch for an App based on findings from Assessment Task 2
and secondary research from Assessment Task 4: Undertake secondary research so that as a marketer you
can Pitch Your App for the service product. The Pitch will include a situation analysis and a brief mock-up
storyboard of your chosen App and will be used to address one of the issues identified in the service product visit.
You are required to identify ONE goal that addresses ONE marketing/service principle issue as observed at
the service product visit and produce a storyboard for an App. The goal may address an issue that arose
during your visit. For example, you might address slow service by adding a pre-order page to an App or you may
address “place” by including directions on how to get to the service product, and by tagging nearby parking (free or
paid) or you may use any other idea that addresses an observed issue. You are then required to produce a story
board for that goal.
More information is provided on Learn JCU
See Section 6 of this Subject Guide for the Assessment Criteria sheet.

Section 4. Submission and return of assessment
4.1 Submission and return of assessment
The ability to adhere to deadlines is a highly desirable attribute that employers seek in our graduates.
Right from the beginning, new students should acquire the habit of meeting deadlines for their work, by
organising their study time appropriately. The following points apply to the submission of assessment
1. Extensions will be granted in cases of illness or personal issues (supported by strong evidence –
at least medical certificate/counsellor’s statement required). It is at the discretion of the subject
coordinator/lecturer that extension s will be granted for inescapable, unexpected, documented work
commitments (provide documentation).
2. You must contact your lecturer well before the due date if you are likely to require an extension
3. Where no prior extension has been approved, late submissions will incur a penalty of 5% of the total
mark available per day including part-days, weekends and public holidays. Assessment tasks will
generally not be graded after 14 days past the due date.
4. Please ensure that if required to submit a hard copy of written assessment you have attached the
College of Business, Law and Governance Assignment Coversheet.
5. Assessment must be submitted using SafeAssign through the LearnJCU website
6. The assessment will be returned with feedback no later than 21 days after submission.


Marketing research is the process of collecting and gathering information about a target market or a target audience (Zaphiris,  Ang, & Thomson Gale, 2009).  The primary aim of any market research is to provide companies with an in-depth view of the customers and consumers of their product so that they can produce products that directly address their needs. Market research has become integral factor in the market today due to increased competition in the market (Chhabra, 2015). In most cases, market research is conducted to provide information on, market needs, competition, and market size. Market research uses statistical and analytical methods and techniques to get and interpret information (Hou, & Wang, 2010). The process is critical today due to the complexity of business environment today (Emery, 2012.  In the world today companies cannot rely only on the information, they have internally to run their organizations, this is where the need for market research comes in. Secondary research is one that is done with data from a primary research, and such study is also called on the desk research as it can be conducted without collecting any data.  This study will conduct a secondary research to produce a pit for an app to try to solve an identified problem in a service product at a coffee restaurant.