Marketing strategy for the Citroen 2CV


You need to develop a marketing strategy (by emphasizing
the marketing mix concept) to market the Citroen 2CV in the US. Read the product description entitled "Citroen 2CV."


2CV was introduced in the market in 1948. For more than half century, the car has won the hearts of its enthusiasts and still remains one of the most favorite cars in Europe. It is a peculiar car that is almost like a Volkswagen Beetle but it has had particular appeals that make it favorite among its users. It comes with a 36 years old design. The bug-eyed camel car rattles the tarmac at 70 mph but still remains at favorite can in Europe. Although the car has recorded relative success in Europe it has not recorded any success in United States. There are few enthusiasts in Europe but it has not taken the market by storm and frenzy like in Europe. Therefore, this marketing plan aims at introducing the 2CV in United States.