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Performance Level: Poor, Acceptable, Good, Very Good, Excellent

(Circle one)

Team Performance (300 words) (Details must be typed not handwritten)




The team is to reflect and determine how effective it has been in completing all the tasks required to develop the Business Plan. Use the Teamwork criterion in the Marking Rubric to guide the discussion and determine the Performance Level that the team worked at. This level will need to be justified by providing evidence that your team has documented through the trimester in your journals.

This component of the assignment has a 300 word limit (excluding evidence).

 Demonstrate your Teamwork skills.

 To demonstrate these skills each member of the group is required to keep a personal journal throughout the trimester that documents the group’s teamwork activities such as planning, organisation, management, problem solving and collection of knowledge used for the assignment, etc.

The assignment team/group will need to complete the template provided above to reflect and assess the team’s level of performance. Use the ‘teamwork’ section of the business plan rubric to determine an overall score for the assignment group’s teamwork.

In your teams, discuss and agree on how the team performed with regards to:

  • Completing tasks on time
  • Quality of work completed
  • Cohesiveness of the team

In the template, indicate whether the team feels that it performed at a Poor, Acceptable, Good, Very Good or Excellent level.

In the next part of the template provide a reflection on why the team feels that they performed to that level. Evidence or support the team’s conclusions from journal entries, minutes of meetings or any other documentation kept during the trimester.

Note: if you require more space than that provided in the template above please add an extra page.

Attach ONE COPY of your completed teamwork template to your business plan report.



Kids time out will offer various entertainment related services that are intended to excite young people. The services and products will include birthday parties and other private parties for children. In order to ensure that the customers are satisfied the company will aim at offering customized or personalized parties to suit the customer’s preferences. Various items will be offered during these parties and will include foods in accordance to the client’s taste. The company will also arrange for party venues where the client has none. The host for disco parties will also be offered by the company. In order to keep the children excited various video games will be offered in accordance with the age.