Marketing of Services Elective – MODULE


3500 words

Assignment Question:

It is argued that branding is more important for services than it is for goods. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this argument? Drawing on academic literature, critically examine the concept of services branding and its differences and similarities to product branding. What does it take to build a service brand and in what ways is the brand building process different for services? Use examples from services organisations you are familiar with to illustrate your answer.


Marketing is an essential aspect in any business because it helps in promoting goods and services through ensuring that a great number of people become aware of the marketed goods or service. Services are intangible while products are tangible and therefore the marketing processes used in services are different from goods. This study discusses the argument that branding is of greater importance for services as compared to goods. This is done by arguing for and against this argument by drawing from academic literature in examining the concept of branding service as well as its differences and similarities to product branding.