Marketing Mix Critique for Dan Murphy’s



This report seeks to determine and critique the marketing mix strategies adopted by Dan Murphy’s in an attempt to compete effectively in the Australian liquor industry. The objective of the report is to examine whether the adopted marketing mix fit in the marketing environment of the company and offer recommendations for improvement.

    • Macro Environment (Porter’s Five Forces)
      • Power of Suppliers

The selling concept is a key foundation of marketing because consumers do not buy enough without a large scale selling and promotion effort. Dan Murphy’s experience low threat from suppliers because it has a strong supplier link. Over 1.75 million tonnes of grapes were crushed in 2012-2013 and more than 1.23 billion litters of wine was produced in Australia according to a report by Australian Bureau of Statistics (2013). South Australia contributed the largest volume of produced wine (42.4%) followed by NSW (33.9%) with Victoria contributing 19.7% of the national volume. Dan Murphy’s also get grapes from the international markets such as Europe and Asia therefore, the supply for wine in the market is high and hence the suppliers are not very important and so is their power.



Info: Your assessment 3 — Marketing Mix Critique

Description of task

You are required to conduct a marketing mix analysis for an organization with reference to marketing management theory as covered in lectures and the textbook. The word count of your paper is 2,000 words. The weight is 40%.

The organisation this semester selected as client for assessment is Dan Murphy’s, an Australian liquor supermarket chain owned by Woolworths Limited.



As post-graduate students you are required to undertake research and analysis of this organization with reference to marketing management theory to understand how this business has been marketed over the years. Your assignment should be much more than description or opinion – it should show evidence of research with clear reference to marketing management theory as covered in lectures and the textbook and, for high achieving students, further reading.

All research and application of theory should be supported with in-text referencing using the APA system. Your reference list should also be in APA format. Comprehensive guidelines for APA referencing can be found in Cite-Write, which is downloadable from the QUT library home page (see links below).

It is important to note that:

  • Unsupported general, descriptive or opinion based discussion in any section will result in very low marks.
  • In particular for the 7Ps analysis and recommendations, discussion which is not based on theory from lectures, the textbook and tutorials will result in very low marks.

You should also try to visit the brand if possible. External students should be able to find a location in their vicinity if possible. Even if there is not a branch or agency near you, you can obtain a lot of relevant information from the web and other sources without having to actually visit a branch or agency.



Go to the Resource Folder to access the annual report and some IBIS World industry reports.

Additional resources for your research:

  • Industry reports and market research: Find the right databases to research Australian and international industries and markets through the library resources.
  • Newspapers and media:  Find the right databases to research Australian and international news through the library resources.
  • Statistics and country data:  The Library provides access to specialist statistical databases and many statistics are also freely available online. Publishers include governments, international agencies, membership organizations and private entities.
  • Advertising Ageis a global source of news, intelligence, and conversation for marketing and media communities.


Report structure

You should follow a structured approach for your marketing report. Attached are some guidelines: Outline of assignment sections


Important formatting guidelines

  • This report is to be prepared in a business-like manner that could be presented to the management of the company. The document should be in report format with a title pagetable of contents, and suitable headingsto guide readers logically through the sections of the plan.
  • Font: 12 point, Arial or Times Roman
  • Spacing: Use at least 1.5 line spacing
  • Margins: 25mm (or 1 inch) margins top/bottom/left/right
  • Proofreadand edit your report carefully



There will be an upload link for Turnitin. You must use the following file name protocol for your document:

  • [Student Surname][Student First Name]_[Student Number]_BRAND.docx
  • Example: SmithJohn_123456_FLIGHT CENTRE.docx