Marketing Campaign Pitch


Marketing Campaign Pitch

  1. Interpersonal Skills and Working Effectively

While working in the group, I observed various interpersonal skills demonstrated by the group members. First, is excellent communication skills at both an intellectual and emotional levels. Members were able to express their ideas and emotions in an efficient manner hence promote understanding. Members also showed high level of respect among each other by using non-offensive language. Trust and self-discipline was another significant skill portrayed by the group. As aforementioned, communication is vital skill in a group setting. However, it should also be noted that for people to communicate freely and share their ideas and feeling, they must trust one another (Hayes, 2013). Lastly, is the great element of support. The group members do not view one another as competitors but rather as a single team that needs to work together to achieve a common goal.



3323THS: Sport Marketing
Assessment 2: Marketing Campaign Pitch
Assignment Overview
Due date: Friday 5th October, 4pm, 2018 (Week 12)
Submission: Online via L@GU
Delivery: Individual, written assignment
Weight : 35%
Length: 1200 words (+ / – 10%)
A huge part of working in sport is being able to work with others. Sport organisations will ask you
about this in your job interviews. You may also be asked to demonstrate proficiency in this area to
even secure a job interview via the addressing the Key Selection Criteria in a job advertisement.
Your task is to respond to a job advertisement from a sport organisation and to market yourself. Part
of this will be reflecting on your experiences as a member of a group, and specifically referring to
experiences you encountered during A2: The Marketing Campaign Pitch.
You are to consider the following job advertisement and respond to the criteria listed below:

The Task:
The ICC are looking to recruit someone who is a team player and can demonstrate an appreciation of
specific attributes listed below. To select individuals to proceed to the interview stage, The ICC have
asked candidates to provide statements which address the areas below.
You are to do this using approximately 200 words per statement, and relate to specific instances you
encountered during your time working on the group assignment. This is to be uploaded to L@GU in a
word document that uses the below headings to structure your response.
1. Interpersonal skills and working effectively: Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills
and understanding of the complexity of working in groups.
In this section, explain what interpersonal skills your group members used during A2, and reflect on
the actual group work process. Illustrate challenges or the complexities of working in groups using
real examples. Explain how and if your group showed an understanding of teamwork processes
through their level of listening skills and sharing information with other group members.
2. Values: Recognise and respect diversity of values and experience of group members.
In this section, you should outline the background, diversity and values of each group member and
how the group members showed (and to what degree) respect for diversity and for each other.
Examples of respecting diversity or lack thereof are needed to illustrate this point. Describe the
attempts that were made by group members to show respect.
3. Leveraging group member skills: Recognise and capitalise on the skills of group
In this section, you need to highlight the level to which (or how effective) group members were in
helping the group develop an understanding of group members skills, and thus identifying the most
effective group member role allocation
4. Conflict resolution: Demonstrate the groups’ ability to monitor and resolve group
In this section, explain situations where conflict arose and how it was handled. If no conflict arose the
student need to explain how and if the group members monitored effectiveness or searched for
relevant solutions to resolve group problems effectively.
5. Equity: Ensure equal and appropriate contributions of self and group members.
In this section, you should discuss your own contribution (the level, and consistency of contribution in
all phases of A2), and the degree of leadership that was exercised to ensure others did as well.
6. Time Management: Employ effective time management strategies of group activities.
In this section, discuss the strategies that group members employed to manage their time to complete
A2 in a timely fashion. Reflect on on the ways group members managed their time (appropriately and
as agreed), and in developing, monitoring and revising agreed timelines for achieving the most
effective group outcomes. Describe when group members did not meet own agreed timelines, and
what attempts were made to develop and manage time completion of group activities.