Marketing Area | Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan for iPhone 7Plus


Assessment Brief
Program Bachelor of Business
Subject code MGT201A
Subject name Project Management
Assessment title Project Management Case Analysis
Group or individual assessment Individual
Length 1250 words (+/-10%)
Learning outcomes addressed B, C, D and E
Submission date Week 7
Total marks 100 Marks
Weighting 25%

Assessment Brief:
Project Plan Development for a Project of Your Choice
Select a project within your degree enrolment and/or current workplace (actual,
completed, to be completed or under planning – this may include a project you are
actually working on or one you are thinking of implementing). Many thousands of
example projects are available in the literature and online. Examples of potential
projects done by previous students include construction and home refurbishments, a
product launch, training program, business and social events, marketing campaign,
updating a menu etc.
*There are tables and tools provided here that you are to use to visually illustrate your
engagement plan. They do not make up part of the word count and so you are required
to provide the additional discussion expanding on what the tables suggest about your
1. Develop a stakeholder analysis for your example project. Identify as many
stakeholders as you can using Exhibit 5.3. List stakeholders by name and title where
possible. Then prioritize the listed stakeholders as in Exhibit 5.4. Be very specific
regarding what each stakeholder is interested in. Recognize some stakeholders may
have an interest in multiple aspects of the project process or results. Create a
Stakeholder Matrix (register) like exhibit 5.6.
2. Describe the activities you are using to build relationships both within your core
team and with other stakeholders. Create a project decision-making guide for your
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project like Exhibit
5.7. List specific examples of decisions to the extent you can.
3. Create a stakeholder engagement assessment matrix like Exhibit 5.8.
4. Develop a communications matrix for your project like Exhibit 5.11. Be sure to use
considerations in Exhibit 5.10 for ideas regarding purpose, structure, method, and
timing for each communication need.
5. Document a project meeting with an advance agenda, meeting minutes, issues log,
and Plus Delta form of evaluation like Exhibits 5.13 through 5.16. As you are not
actually hosting the meeting, this is more of a role play whereby you anticipate whom
would be involved and what issues such meetings might bring up.
*The below tables serve as tools for outlining your stakeholder analysis and
engagement strategy. They are samples of analysis tools and so you are expected to
customize them to the unique needs of your particular project.


The business cycle in any sector is a complicated relationship involving many different players who work together to make it successful. From time to time business organizations initiate and implement various projects with an aim of increasing profitability, productivity, market reach, team effectiveness and promote brand awareness among other objectives (Wagner, Hassanein, & Head, 2008). Any person or entity with an interest in a business and contributes to the organization’s growth and success or who gets benefits from its success is a stakeholder. Different stakeholders have differing roles and responsibilities and the degree of participation in the company varies from full time to hardly participative. Business managers do put into use the skills, experience and knowhow of the different stakeholders to achieve the company’s long-term objectives. This paper presents an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) project plan for iPhone 7Plus mobile phone manufactured by Apple Inc. An IMC is a simple marketing concept that makes sure that all forms of communications and messages are connected together in a careful manner (Bryson, 2006). It involves joining together all promotional techniques and tools so that they can function together in harmony.