Management in the Globalised World


USE BRITISH ENGLISH. See uploaded instructions. Choose one of the 8 case studies for the report. After selecting the report, let me know in the messages. STRICTLY follow the outline uploaded.

Word count requirement:
for the report: 2200 words (8 pages)
for the overview of the team working method: 275 words (1 page)



The following report was prepared through effective teamwork. The team involved all the views of the team members in conclusion of this report. Active participation and involvement was the means of operation among the team members. Each member was given a chance to contribute to the preparation of this report.

During the first meeting the team elected its leaders amongst the members. A chair, a vice chair, secretary and an assistant secretary were elected in the first meeting. The chair was tasked to organize on the meeting dates, time, and venue in completion of the report as well as offer leadership to the team. The role of the secretary was set out as taking minutes during meetings and informing the team members on the agendas of the meeting. During the first meeting members were able to know each other and exchange contacts for easier communication. Rules and code of conduct was also formulated to guide the work of the work. It was agreed that failure to attend a meeting without a valid reason would lead to excommunication from the team. This bore fruits as no one failed to attend team meetings.