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Margaret Hunn
Learning Adviser
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Four stages to writing an academic paper
1.define the problem the research the analysis
4.write the paper using the conventions of the required format
What is the marker looking for?
Always keep the Criteria Sheet in sight! It can provide:-
valuable information about how to answer the question
an insight to what the marker is looking for
Relevance to the set topic
Critical use of written sources
A Reasoned argument
Competent presentation
Source – Clanchy and Ballard (1991)
Research: moving from notes to an argument
What does the question ask? What is my ‘judgment’ of the issue? What are the key points of my argument? What evidence do I have? What is the literature saying about the key points of my argument? Are there similarities of opinion? Or vast differences in opinion?



  • the name of the case study,
  • the problem/potential problem,
  • the explanation as to why this is a problem for the organisation
  • and the proposed argument.

Make sure you have defined important terms and that you have outlined the structure of your report.

Note: Introduction and Problem Identification could be combined in one section, however it is preferred that it be divided into two sections.