management assignment | Different Perspective about Ethics


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Topic 1 Managers are often faced with the need to make ethical decisions affecting their organizations and both internal and external stakeholders. Assume you are the manager of an Australian sports team participating in the biggest sporting event in the world. This major sporting event is taking place in a South American country that has been affected by a virus. This virus is spread by mosquitoes and has been linked to cause serious birth defects. Some athletes have approached you and requested that they withdraw from participating in this major sporting event as they are planning to start a family and are concerned about being infected with this mosquito-borne virus. The athletes have asked for your approval to withdraw from the games without facing any penalties. However, you just consulted the coach who advised that no athlete can withdraw from the team at this late stage and all must travel to this South American country. The coach stressed that any athlete who withdraws from the games would be breaching the terms of their signed contract and would therefore be liable to pay financial penalties. The coach requested that you uphold the terms of the contract and impose the penalties on those who fail to participate. In this unit we have discussed three ethical decision making approaches. Please discuss these three ethical decision making approaches. Choose one of the three ethical decision making models to explain why you would either support the request from some the athletes or the coach.


Nowadays, different people have different perspectives about ethics(Bob Sutton2016). Some South American countries have virus that is spread by mosquitoes, so many athletes are concerned about their health if they participate in the sporting event so some athletes request that they withdraw from participating in games. But the coach emphasize that any athlete who withdraw from games will be fined. There are three kinds of ethical decision making model and the moral rights model protect people with many things.This essay will introduce these athletes and coaches of happens to belong to what kind of moral models and the essay will support the athletes with moral rights model.