Major characteristics of the children in each Piaget stages of cognitive development.


Piaget distinguished four major stages of cognitive development sensorimotor development, preoperational thinking, concrete operations, and formal operations. Explain the major characteristics of the children in each stage by illustrating concrete examples.


Piaget proposed four main stages of cognitive development. Children exhibit different characteristics as they move through the four stages (Piaget & Inhelder, 2000). The first is the sensorimotor stage that lasts from birth to two years of age. During this stage, the infant’s movement testing behavior is acquired thanks to certain stimuli and their first knowledge about the surrounding world. The infants develop object permanence, which means they can recognize things. For example, a child will cry when a toy is taken away or start looking for it in the house.  The second stage is pre-operational stage that lasts from two to seven years. At this stage, the child can recognize things and people.