Macroeconomic   (assignment)

It is just basically answer the question

This is the question:

  1. Summarize the main points of disagreement in the debate between activists and nonactivists.
  • 800 word written (typed, 12 pt., Times New Roman)


Macroeconomics is an economic arm that deals with the fairing, tendency, structure, and the making of decisions of the whole economy as compared to individual markets (Dean 2006). It involves the study of various indicators which include GDP, inflation, unemployment rates, price indices, national income, and the interdependence with the various economic sectors, to gain a clear understanding of the functionality of the whole economy. The above-mentioned indicators impose costs on an economy. Most citizens assume that it is the responsibility of the government to minimize the costs by addressing lack of employment and inflation as they occur. The need of the government to intervene in dealing with macroeconomic troubles elicits major disagreements among economic theorists. Activists are the economists who believe that the government should have a major role in dealing with these problems while nonactivists advance the belief that government intervention should not apply. The debate between activists and nonactivists has main points of disagreements.