Lizzie Borden Murdering Case


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The Borden murdering case is one of the historical cases in the history of United States.  The trial of Lizzie Borden had been followed with interest due to the atrocities related to the case. The crime and trail process has fascinated many people due to bloodiness of the act in such a respected 19th century domestic setting. More interesting has been the character of the Lizzie Borden who was not a maniac but a church going Sunday school teacher. However this was a case where the accused, despite committing such a bloodlines act and prevalence of circumstantial evidence, was found not guilty. In an era of swift justice and mass media coverage, the case attracted divided public opinion which may have influenced the outcome of the dual process of law. Based on the evidence presented, Lizzie Borden murdered her parents and should have been prosecuted for the crime.