Literature review | The Queensland Government has released an issues paper on Labour Hire.



topic. The Queensland Government 


The Queensland government has raised the red flag regarding the trends in the labour hire industry. While industrial trends shows the important role played by labour hire in the economy, there are concerns over a number of issues that in this industry.  From a report by the Queensland Finance and Administration Parliamentary Committee Inquiry that was published on 30 June, 2016, there is mounting evidence point out to continue mistreatment and exploitation of labour hire workers. This report highlighted among other forms of mistreatment underpayment, sexual harassment, overworking, poor accommodation, occupation health and safety deficiencies, tax avoidance, contracting and legal issues, phoenix companies, and many others.  The same findings have been reported in other inquiries conducted in the country. For example the ABC’s Four Corners report titled “Slaving Away” that went on air on May 2015 revealed evidence of mistreatment of workers, mostly those working under holiday maker visas in the agricultural sectors that supplies to leading stores.