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Tamasek is a company based in Asia with diversified investments.  The company has invested in diversified areas of business operation. As one of the largest Asian investment houses, the company has been affected by the recent economic crisis which has seen shareholder value dip by 30%. Although the exact reason for the dipping may be the economic crisis, the board has decided it is time for the CEO, Ching, to be replaced by Chip Goodyear, former head of BHP Billiton.  However this has been seen as a decision to sacrifice Ching and take blame for the loss in investment. Before taking up the post, Goodyear exists from the arrangement and together with Ching cites problem with strategic issues that that may not be resolved. The issue they identified was lack of leadership freedom of executing mandates pertaining to the post of CEO.  The problem facing the company is therefore a lack of proper leadership not only from the CEO but also from the board.  Evidently, Chip fails to take up the post because of the lack of freedom to executive leadership mandates. This is the same problem facing Ching in executing her mandate. Although she says public opinion does not influence their investment decision, it is evident that she find is difficult to navigate the leadership problem in the company. According to Samson and Daft (2009) leadership is an integral part of business success and failure to uphold leadership values spell doom for any organization. The company needs to embrace situational leadership to deal with the crisis.