Literature review



Subject Code and Title RAS101A – Research and Academic Skills
Assessment Literature Review
Individual/Group Individual
Length 1000 words
Learning Outcomes a), b), c), d)
Submission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Week 9
Weighting 30%
Total Marks 100 marks
The assessment task requires you to research literature relevant to the topic below and write
a review of the literature, including at least 4 academically reliable sources.
Topic of the Literature Review
“As digital technologies form an inextricable part of young people’s everyday lives, some
commentators claim that the current generation of learners think and learn differently from their
predecessors. This study investigated the validity of this claim…to see whether there were any
differences in their learning characteristics. The findings of the study showed that while students
spent a large amount of time on digital technologies, the range of digital technologies they used was
rather limited. There were also no practical generational differences in the technology use pattern
and learning characteristics found in this study. The results of this study suggest that generation is
not a determining factor in students’ use of digital technologies for learning nor has generation had a
radical impact on learning characteristics of higher education students.” (Lai & Hong 2014)
Compare and contrast the views of different authors regarding the extent to which higher
education students are exploiting the opportunities provided by digital technology to aid
their learning.
The Purpose of your Literature Review is to:
• gather information on the issue,
• compare and contrast different authors’ opinions or perspectives in relation to the
• and synthesise authors’ findings and perspectives relevant to the topic.
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Additional Instructions
The literature review must be presented in correct essay format.
The literature review must use information from a minimum of four reliable sources.
Referencing must be in the THINK/Laureate Australia Harvard style.
Submitting Your Assessment
1. Check your originality by uploading your commentary to Turnitin.
2. When less than 20%, submit your assignment through the Assessment submission


In the recent past, use of digital technology in the education sector has gained momentum with almost every higher education student using digital technology in their studies. The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast the views of different authors on this topic.