Life Medium


Choose 3 mediums that represent the past, present, & future of someone’s life. The purpose is to help someone understand the significance of how life expediencies & changes can affect one’s overall choices throughout their lifespan. The paper should be 1 page & doubled spaced.

I have added 3 different items that I think would represent me.
1) Dancing shoes PAST: (as a child I always like to dance)
2.) Books: PRESENT (I’m a student now & I’m always studying or doing school work)
3) Stethoscope: FUTURE (in my near future I want to be a nurse)


In life, a person makes different choices. These choices are influenced by different factor including personal aspirations and interest.  Life expediencies are what drive people to face another day. Every person has positive expectations about the future and children have aspirations of whom or what they want to be in future. However, there are different factors that take place in life that changes these expectations.  Like cursing life to destiny, changes in life affect individuals overall choices. In order to express my life expediencies and changes, I have used three mediums, dancing shoes, books, and stethoscope.