Legislative history of a bill: H.R.1429 , 110th Congress


H.R. 1429 known as ‘Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007’. Sponsor: Rep. Kildee, Dale E. Introduced 3/9/2007. Signed by president and the bill became law (PL 110-134) 12/12/2007.

This paper is about the procedures and compromises that led to its successful passage. It focuses on the steps a bill had to take. We also need to id some people who were particularly important. I do not want to know the Congress is great or bad. The basic structure is to report things roughly in the order things happened.

My primary source is the bill story from Congressional Quarterly Almanac 2007, and I will e-mail you a copy (2-page) of the bill story. Also, I found that the ‘Legislative Researcher’ from the Library of Congress-Thomas’ (http://thomas.loc.gov) is very informative to bill summary, status, and committee reports of major actions. Background info can also be found from some major newspaper: Washington Post, New York Times, The Hill, Roll Call (or using ProQuest Congressional). Please cite info with page number and source.

Part I – Introduction
A brief explaination of the general topic of the bill: problem the bill addressed, any previous attempt for this bill: if so, why not successful. Also, please explain why the bill being considered now. Or, a previously passed bill needed to be reauthorized. Why this bill was placed on the legislative agenda?

Part II – Passage (2 parts)
(i) Write introduction explains the House acted, then go into Subcommittee on the House Committee. Then, the House floor.
(ii) Once the House finished its bill, this section should address action in the Senate. Need a short intro explaining when the Senate acted. Then discuss Senate Subcommittee action. Senate Committee action, and then floor action.

Part III – Resolving Differences
Possibly there was a Conference Committee, we need to explain that a Conference Committee was created to show how the bill passed the ffloors of the two chambers.
Explain the president signed it, or the bill became law w/o his signature, or that the bill was vetoed and the veto was overturned by the Congress.

Part IV – Conclusion
Simply reviewed. How the final bill differed from the original. Your intro with a brief intro to the problem the original bill addressed. Now explain how the final bill addressed that problem.


The H.R. 1429 bill on Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007 is considered one of the most important milestones in the country’s effort to provide education for the pre-school education.  For the first time in a decade’s effort, the Congress did clear the legislation that renewed and updated policy guidelines for Head Start program. Head Start program has a special place in America’s education because it is the principal child-development programs to all low income preschoolers. According to Vinovskis (2005) this bill authorized the federal government to increase spending for the Head Start programs with the initial injection of $7.35 billion in 2008. One of the most important gains of this program was that it expanded the eligibility criteria and brought to an end the standardized testing for 4-5 year old children, a practice that had been criticized for a long time.  In addition, this legislation also set a higher standard for teachers in the Head Start program.