Legal Studies – Closing Statements


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Your verdict talks about exonerating the accused from the drug charges which have been presented to the court, whereas the state has continued to control drug and substance abuse. Therefore, any case where the accused are let off the case sets a bad precedent that the state can be complacent in allowing drug trade to go on unpunished. In place of this reasoning, the amount of drugs that the accused was caught in possession with is a clear indication that they had the intent of supplying those drugs to a wider clientele. The officers from Saskatoon Integrated Drug Unit (SIDU) in this case had been working on closing down a ring of drug trafficking that they had been alerted on by concerned citizens. Therefore, by letting the accused walk free, it means that the resources which had been used in the operation would amount to nothing. In case the crown results to let the accused walk scot free, it also means that the taxes of the people of this country would have been wasted in the pursuit of exonerating drug traffickers.