Lean Manufacturing


  1. Each student will conduct an extensive literature review on one of the selected topics. [See the list of recommended topics] The objective of the research project is to introduce the student to reference databases, periodicals, professional journals, newspapers and other resources which will be used to establish a position on the selected topic which can be defended with literature reference materials. Note: No more that 30% of your research sources may come directly from the Internet. In other words, if you must use a www citation format to properly capture your source (e.g. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/01/24/usability-and-interface-design-books/), then it falls within this definition. If the document you locate is a digital copy of an exact paper product and you can cite the digital product just as you would by looking at the paper product, then I will accept this alternative.


  1. The paper will include the following sections as a minimum:


  1. Title Page (or Cover Sheet)
  2. Executive Summary or Abstract
  3. Body of Paper – 15 to 20 Pages
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Background (or Scope)
  7. Problem Statement (or Central Research Issue)
  8. Discussion (or Approach)
  9. Conclusions
  10. Recommendations and Suggestions for Continued Research (if justified)
  11. Endnotes
  12. References (Minimum of 10 sources overall – Note the Internet limitation posted above)
  13. Author’s Biography (75 to 150 words)
  14. Attachments & Appendices (as needed) Not considered part of the 15-20 page count.


  1. Additional research methodologies may be employed if the student so desires. These methodologies may include the development of an experimental design to test the validity of assumptions made in the literature. Statistical analyses may also be used or described to support the analysis, including the use of control groups and experimental groups to validate the experimental design selected above.


  1. The project presentation will be professionally developed audience, using Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 2003 or 2007 format). The presentation must include a script of what you would present to an audience as if you were actually giving the presentation on stage. Use the Notes Section of PowerPoint to create your detailed script. Other state-of-the-art presentation tools or materials may be used as appropriate. Hand-written “transparencies” or graphics are not acceptable – if you expect to receive maximum credit for your work. Senior-level performance and quality are expected.



  • Modern business model impact on business
  • Business growth – New technologies

– Cross border markets

  • Increasing business cost – Lean manufacturing