Lean Manufacturing


Measuring Manufacturing Capability in SME Segment Using Lean Manufacturing- A Case study on Electronics & Electrical manufacturing industry

1. To establish whether employees across the managerial spectrum are aware of Lean manufacturing.
2. To establish whether SMEs implement the lean manufacturing concepts in full.
3. To establish whether SMEs have set lean manufacturing implementation indicators.
4. To establish whether SMEs consider lean manufacturing principles to give (and sustain) competitive advantage.


Lean manufacturing is considered as one of the most powerful manufacturing systems globally and this has resulted in several industries or firms attempting to implement or adopt it so as to improve their efficiency. However, little research on lean manufacturing in electronics and electrical industry has been conducted. Lean manufacturing is generally defined as a production practice whereby the expenditure of resources for any goal rather than value creation is considered. In manufacturing industry, improving the value or quality of the end product is one of the goals of manufacturers in order to provide customers with adequate satisfaction. Through this production practice therefore, waste is reduced as customers are satisfied with all the products produced.