Lean In Electronics & Electrical Manufacturing Industry in India


Literature Review on this particular topic- For last 6 years how much work had been done on this area.
Year wise you have to explain:
1. The work done with topic.
2. The author.
3. The work details.
4. The conclusion.

Already papers had been written by the writer U2731,the literature review should be based on those writings.


Lean manufacturing is referred by many researchers and industrial managers as the most powerful manufacturing system used internationally in improving competitive advantage of a company. According to a study by Davis (18), industries are increasingly using lean manufacturing in reducing wastes and hence a reduction in the cost of production. This idea is supported by Dennis & Shook (32) when they state that lean manufacturing is the most powerful production system in the whole world. The Toyota Company is said to have effectively implemented lean manufacturing in order to be able to effectively compete in the global markets.