Leadership Profiles


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Hillary Clinton is one the leading contenders of the Democratic primaries for the upcoming US presidential elections. The wife of the former President Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton has been involved in leadership of this country in different capacities, which means her leadership credentials are noticeable. Hilary Clinton is one of the Democratic candidates who fit into the trait, behavioral, contingency, and contemporary leadership theories.

During a Democratic face off debate with fellow contender Bernie Sanders in Flint, Michigan, Hillary Clinton exhibited attributes of trait, behavioral, contingency, and contemporary leadership. The trait theory posits that leadership capabilities are deeply seated into the personality of the leader.  Traits like physical vitality and stamina, intelligence, understanding of the followers, and others define leadership traits (Wright, 1996). In this debate, Hillary Clinton demonstrates a great stamina and intelligence in answering the questions (Mox News, 2016). She raises her voice that charges the crown into a cheer, which means she is connecting well with the audience through her energy. She has the capacity to motivate people. Her answers show courage and resolution, with a great degree of decisiveness. In addition, she is very confident in her answers.