Leadership Problem | Reflective Journal


I did take serious about this assignment, because it account 50% of this paper.
(1) event2, the references Taylor 2012 and Liden, Wayne, Zhao and Henderson (2008) didn’t mention vision leadership.
He means these two references never can match the content the content we wrote.  He said whether we use this way to cheat.  This clinet is quiet serious, then he will check the content. So could u pls be careful.
(2) event 3, Leaderful organizations (is it the one in assignment requirement : One learning event should relate to leadership concepts discussed in an academic journal article referred to in class.—— May I know which academic journal article you discuss. Is it: Raelin, J. A. (2003). Creating leaderful organizations: How to bring out leadership in everyone. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler.   This is not an academic journal article  ).


Leadership is a wide concept that requires proper analysis for better understanding. Leadership is crucial for personal and organizational progress yet majority of people do not seem to understand the various aspects that bring about quality and effective leadership (Gardner, 1993). For one to become an effective leader, it is important to learn and understand the different aspects that are involved in leadership. To achieve this, reflection becomes critical to gauge the aspects that one has learnt and areas that need further polishing (Pavlovich, Collins and Jones, 2007). The purpose of this paper is to reflect on different aspects related to leadership. The paper will focus on four main events.