Assessment Information
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:
1. Apply legal and ethical theory to various sectors of the Sport or Entertainment Industries pertaining to
Human Rights, Privacy and Intellectual Property Laws.
2. Discuss the positive and negative impacts that illegal substance abuse has had on various sport or
entertainment celebrities and their performance products.
This assignment is an individual assignment and your assessment brief is the following;
As entertainment personal managers of celebrity couple Ruby Red (presenter and rapper) and her Olympian
husband Jack Thompson, you are to advise your clients based on the following scenario. You must discuss the
legal and ethical arguments, and provide a rationale for the advice given centered on real life case examples
and relevant legislation. The following information has been reported in several newspapers;
Celebrity couple Ruby and Thompson returned to London today following their shambolic behaviour in the Big
Apple last week.
There were alleged reports of Jack popping Class B drugs while photographs showed him consuming a
concoction of drinks. An alcohol fuelled rage led the normally mild mannered Thompson to attack the
photographer when his champagne-guzzling pregnant wife fell over on exiting the ‘Clancy’s night club in New
When the photos were released Ruby’s new endorsement deal of her own clothing line RnR was immediately
postponed even though she designed the new line herself. As a double blow, Jack has been suspended from
training pending drug tests.
The couple are distressed and explained to you that the alcohol was in fact a soft drink, the tablets were
prescribed painkillers for injury pain, the champagne was actually sparkling mineral water and she tripped
trying to get out of the way of the paparazzi that she said had been harassing her most of the night.


Word Count
The word count is 2000 words
There will be a penalty of a deduction of 10% of the mark (after internal moderation) for work exceeding the
word limit by 10% or more.
The word limit includes quotations, but excludes the reference list/bibliography.

How to submit your assessment
The assessment must be submitted by 23.55 on 24/03/2017. No paper copies are required. You can access the
submission link through the module web.
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circumstances below) will be given a mark of zero.
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you do not attempt to pass this off as your own work. Doing so is known as plagiarism. It is not acceptable to
copy from another source without acknowledging that it is someone else’s writing or thinking. This includes
using paraphrasing as well as direct quotations. You are expected to correctly cite and reference the works of
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Return of Marked Work
You can expect to have marked work returned to you 14/04/2017 (15 working days for level 1 and 2, 10
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feedback will be provided online. As always, marks will have been internally moderated only, and will
therefore be provisional; your mark will be formally agreed later in the year once the external examiner has
completed his / her review.


The relationship between celebrities and the media is a love-hate relationship. On one hand, they depend on each other for survival and on the other hand, they can be bitter rivals who end up in court for various issues most important being defamation and violation of privacy. Celebrities are news sellers and the media would to anything to have their news appear on the headlines. At the same time, celebrities invest a lot in their image and reputation and wants only what they have approved to be published (Sheridan, North, Maltby, & Gillet, 2007). The law provides for the protection of the rights of each of the party. In this study, the case of Ruby and Thompson, a celebrity couple who have been alleged to have misbehaved after taking drugs, will be analysed, advising the couple on the steps they should take under the law.