Law Reflection


Reflective practice exercise 3 (Week 8): Oral communication skills (video presentation)  

The video presentation is likely to be the only time that your oral communication skills are assessed during your Accounting major. In addition to problem solving and written communication, oral communication is a generic skill demanded by employers of accounting graduates (refer to Week 3 reflective exercise). 

An important purpose of video recording the presentation was so that you could review your own performance, identify areas in need of improvement and improve your oral communication skills in the process. You may wish to turn to the rubric (or assessment criteria) to assist you with the review of your presentation. 

Please review the video recording of your presentation and answer these questions as part of your third reflective exercise: 

1. Describe your experience with the video presentation, in particular: 
a. What was one thing that surprised you about your presentation?
b. What were the two best aspects of your presentation and why?
c. What were two aspects of your presentation that could be improved?   


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