Law Assignment. | Challenges High Frequency Trading (HFT) poses to market regulators


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In the recent past, the world has seen tremendous growth and development in Information Communication Technologies. This has led the world to move from manual way of doing things to automated and simple ways. As a result, security trading is today being carried out in an automated manner. Majority of markets in the world have adopted the electronic order book as a core functionality abandoning the human intermediated floor trading. Development in computer technology, programming and other communication technology aspects has led to advancement of new tools to aid in investment decision making, execution of stock and securities trade and mitigation of risks. Use of computer technology is now part and parcel of the financial market structure and regulatory framework. While majority of countries value the role and the impact that automated trading brings in the financial markets, HFT comes with challenges when it comes to regulating. HFT is an imperative aspect or feature in the current financial markets and systems and as such it has to be regulated by the relevant regulatory authorities in the world[1].

[1] Charles M Jones. ‘What do we know about high-frequency trading?.’ (2013) Columbia Business School Research Paper 13-11: 12.